Shopping Malls Are Not What They Once Were

I live in Arlington, Texas and I used to be one of those people who went to the mall all of the time. When I was younger, that was the thing that people did to have a good time on the weekends. Now when I head to the mall, I know that it will be nothing like it once was.

The first thing that makes it different is the abundance of clothing stores that cater to teenagers. I am not going to say that youngsters should not have options when it comes to clothing, but shopping malls are supposed to be for everyone. I can barely find items that would be appropriate for a middle aged woman.

Another thing that gets me is the amount of options that are now available in the food court. While I have nothing against sushi and all of the foods that are considered trendy these days, heading ti the mall to enjoy a plate of raw fish is not my idea of a great time. I am all about comfort and I would prefer something like a burger or a slice of pizza.

Those carts in the middle of the mall are one of the main things that irk my nerves. While some of them sell great things, I noticed that some of the items that are for sale on the carts cost more than what is in the stores. This is probably not the worst thing in the world, but I used to look at those carts as a place to shell out a few dollars and walk away with nice trinkets.

The last thing that makes malls different are the number of security officers on patrol. Part of me knows that this is a good thing since it means that people will be safe when they are shopping, but I think seeing so many officers takes away from the mall experience. I think if they are going to be there they should start wearing typical clothing. That way they could patrol without standing out and making people feel a little uncomfortable.

Unfortunately, I know that the experience of going to the mall will never revert to what it once was. That will not stop me from heading there every once in a while to see what is in sale. With that being said, I will not frequent it as much as I would if things were different.